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Sewer Myths Busted By Our Expert Sewerologist

The sewer has a long history of myths. There is something about it, which perplexes people. There are urban myths now, and myths, which are simply preconceived notions. The most important myths needing to be addressed are the ones, which have an impact on how people treat their plumbing though. Here are some examples of sewer myths, and the debunking of the myths by a sewerologist.

The Sewer System Is Separate From the Other Drains on the Property

Our Sewerologist Says:

“This myth is false and could not be further from the truth. In fact, showers, hot tubs, sinks, toilets and washing machines are all linked to the same sewer system.”

If an Item Is Stated as Safe to Flush, Then It Is Safe for the Sewer System

Our Sewerologist Says:

“The truth is almost all items, which are claimed safe to be flushed, are not safe for the sewer system. Toilet paper is the only exception, and other than toilet paper, there are no other products, paper or otherwise, meant to enter the sewer system. Some examples of products falsely marked safe to flush include feminine hygiene products, house cleaning wipes, baby wipes, paper toilet scrubbers, and other similar items that should not be introduced to the sewer system. Flushing unsafe items can lead to a clogged drain, or worse, a costly sewer repair service.”

It Is Safe and Acceptable to Place Scraps of Food Into the Garbage Disposal

Our Sewerologist Says:

“This is patently untrue. There is a certain sewer line only as wide as four inches. It is an unwise choice to place any food, even thinly shredded vegetables, inside of drain whether there is garbage disposal or not. The sewer lines can easily be clogged with food put through a garbage disposal. Throw old or partially eaten food away or use it as compost.”

Running Hot Water After Pouring Grease Down a Drain Is Okay

Our Sewerologist Says:

“The reason why grease and pipes do not mix is that grease inevitably clogs. It does not really matter what is washed down a pipe after grease is dumped. Grease creates a thick coating on the sides of pipes after it is emptied down a drain, and hot water only pushes it down further. Even using chemical products leads to a temporary fix at best. People who have previously poured grease down a drain are only going to push the clog further down their pipes when using chemicals. A clog can be dislodged, but it is only temporary. It will simply clog further down the line. Keep grease out of drains.”

One of our experts would be happy to address any further questions and provide tips on how to keep pipes clean and dispel any other myths.

Don’t Let Common Sewer Myths Destroy Your Sewer System. Call Our Sewerologist Today for a List of Do’s and Don’ts!

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