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Rooter Service: What It Is, and When You Need It

If you’ve just bought a property in the area, you might have heard from the previous owners or your realtor that you need rooter service in Fairfax. But unless you’ve already managed property before, you might not know what rooter service is and when you need it. If that’s the case, read on.

What Is Rooter Service?

Rooter service is an effective and non-damaging plumbing procedure that’s used when underground drains get blocked by tree roots. This might sound strange, but it’s actually a very common occurrence, and here’s why: your drains sluice away the wastewater from your home. This wastewater contains organic materials—and trees, shrubs, and other plants thrive on organic materials. So their roots naturally grow towards the source of this rich organic material, which are the pipes in your plumbing system. Eventually, they crack them and force their way in, where they continue to grow inwards in search of more nutrients.

You can imagine how quickly an underground drain can get blocked and cracked—especially if you live in an area with lush landscaping or in a rural region with a lot of shrubs and trees.

Rooter service offers a safe way to blast through these roots—or any other type of blockage—so your drain is safe to use again. Originally done by inserting a blade into the drain and cutting away at the blockages, rooter service now also includes another less damaging technique called water jetting. This involves forcing water at high speed and with high pressure through the drain. The force of the water pushes the roots and clogs out.

Do I Need Rooter Service In Fairfax?

Not every property needs a rooter service. However, it’s advised if your property:

  • was built more than 50 years ago and still has the original pipes
  • is surrounded by a lot of trees and shrubs
  • already has clogged pipes

We can discuss your situation with you to determine whether you need a rooter service—or any other plumbing services.

To find out more about rooter service or to schedule an expert for your home or office, call the Plumberologist today!

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