Is It Worth the Cost to Get Your Air Conditioning Tuned-Up?

As a homeowner, you want to keep your air conditioning unit running as well as possible to guarantee your indoor comfort. You also want to save as much money as you can because every penny in your bank account counts these days. To these ends, if you want to get the best value and performance out of your AC unit, then waiting for something to break and scheduling an AC repair is not your best choice. Instead, you should be thinking about AC maintenance and tune-ups.

AC Work: Proactive Vs. Reactive

If you are purely reactive in how you take care of your air conditioning system, then you are doing things wrong. Being reactive means that you wait for a problem to arise and then take care of it. While this method does mean your AC unit will be fixed when it needs fixing, it does not mean you are managing your finances as best as you could be. In general, repairs are much more expensive than maintenance.

Being proactive with your AC system’s “health” means that you take the initiative by looking for potential problems and correcting them before they arise. The concept is the same as motor vehicle maintenance, for example. You know that bringing your car into the shop twice a year for an oil change and multipoint inspection will dramatically extend its lifespan while only costing you a relatively small cost to get the work done. Do the same thing for your AC unit and heater by scheduling maintenance at least once a year. Although, twice a year is recommended for larger HVAC systems or households that run the air almost-constantly.

Benefits of AC Tune-Ups That Make It Worth It

The main benefit of an AC tune-up is financial. You pay a low-cost upfront for maintenance, but it can help you save hundreds on repairs later, or thousands on a system replacement.

The second benefit is efficiency. A tuned-up AC unit runs better, matching and holding your set temperature with ease and sooner than a system that struggles due to lack of maintenance. Also, an efficient system needs to run less often to meet your set temperature, which translates to using less energy. Therefore, efficiency causes lowered electrical bills – more savings!

Lastly, if you want peace of mind while relaxing in your home on a hot summer day, then you want a tuned-up AC system. To get all of these benefits and more for your AC system in Fairfax, you can call (703) 997-1660 and connect with Home Service Doctors, a veteran-owned and operated company.

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