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Is It More Energy Efficient to Keep Your AC Running While Not at Home?

With the summertime in full swing, you have undoubtedly started to notice your electricity bill starting to climb as your air conditioner works hard to keep you and your family cool. After just a month of summer, the cost to run your AC as much as you want can start to take a serious toll on your finances, though. If you’re like most others, then you want to find a way to cut down the cost to keep your house cool. Does that mean shutting off your air conditioner when you aren’t home, though? Or, is it actually more energy-efficient to keep it running throughout the day?

Running Your AC Constantly Racks Up the Cost

Every air conditioning system is different from the next due to performance, wear and tear, and the climate preferred by its owner. However, it is true that you are almost-guaranteed to save money on your electric bill if you shut off your AC while you are not home.

When an air conditioning unit runs constantly, it requires energy constantly. Not only that, but an air conditioning that runs periodically runs less efficiently than the same system pumping cool at air full blast. As unusual as it might seem, an AC unit that works hard once a day to beat the heat is less energy-demanding as one that kicks on every so often to maintain the temperature all day. Also, an AC system that is running on full power is also better at dehumidifying your home, which can help improve the overall indoor air quality.

The alternative to turning off your air conditioner when you aren’t home is raising the thermostat considerably. Typically, you should keep the thermostat a full five degrees higher than your desired temperature when you aren’t home, as long as that increased number is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. This increase will buy your AC plenty of downtime before it needs to start working.

Please keep your pets in mind, though. You should not set the thermostat to a high degree or shut it off if you have pets in your home who could be harmed due to staying in a hothouse all day.

Use a Programmable & Remote Thermostat

Thanks to modern technology, controlling the temperature in your home is simple. With an advanced thermostat, you can program it to reach desired temperatures at certain times of the day. You can also sync some thermostats to your smartphone, allowing you to control it from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi. Smart thermostats are awesome if you forget to shut down your AC before hitting the highway, or if you want to turn it on about 20 minutes before you get home so you don’t experience the worst of the heat.

Home Service Doctors in Fairfax can help you further lessen your energy bills by installing an energy-efficient air conditioning unit that outshines your current model. Call (703) 884-8705 today for more information.

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