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How To Tell It’s Time For a Drain Cleaning

Business owners with commercial properties such as restaurants need to take care of a building’s drains with drain cleaning. Any place where a lot of food is prepared is at risk of having clogged drains from a buildup of grease combined with food particles. If a commercial kitchen does not have a grease trap, then it is more likely to develop a clog that makes it impossible for water to flow through the pipes. In order to keep a commercial property’s drains clean, it is important to have routine maintenance instead of waiting until sinks will not drain.

Camera Inspections for Clogged Sewer Lines in Commercial Properties

A business owner might have a concern about how their property’s sewer lines are inspected before its drains are cleaned. Instead of tearing apart a sink to determine where a clog is located, a plumber can insert a small camera into a sink’s drain to view its interior on a computer screen. This process is also suitable for checking sewer lines on the exterior of a property to avoid digging up lawns to determine where a clog is located. After a plumber learns where the clog is located inside a drainage system, they can make a plan to dislodge it as quickly as possible.

What Methods are used to Remove Difficult Clogs?

Plumbers prefer using safe methods to dislodge clogs instead of pouring dangerous chemicals down a building’s drains. In many cases, volatile chemicals splash from sinks onto a plumber’s skin or eyes, leading to painful acid burns. A better way to dissolve clogs is with cleansers that contain bacteria and enzymes. After pouring an enzyme drain cleaner into a bathtub or sink, the clog begins to dissolve, and within a few minutes, the plumber can use a metal auger or rubber-tipped plunger to force the material through the pipes.

Call a Plumber for Drain Cleaning

When business managers use the wrong methods to remove clogs from their property’s drains, it can lead to serious damage to the plumbing fixtures, water pipes, and sewer lines. However, a professional plumber has the correct tools and knowledge to clean drains properly. After the clog dislodges at a commercial property, a plumber will check the drain and pipes with another camera inspection to determine if the clog damaged any materials.

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