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How Can You Find the Right Water Heater?

Replacing your home’s water heater is no small endeavor, so before you make any changes, be sure to find the right water heater for your home. Your local water heater service professionals have things for you to consider to make sure you’re picking the best fit for your family.

What Size?

When you’re determining which water heater is best for your home, its important to consider size first and foremost. If you have a large family and seem to be constantly showering, cleaning, or doing laundry then opt for a water heater big enough to meet your demands. If you live alone or with one other person, you probably don’t need a very big heater. Also consider the size of your basement or utility closet, as water heaters can become rather cumbersome as the size increases.

Fuel Type, Energy Efficiency, and Costs?

Do your research on the different fuel types and decide which type of water heater fits your home. The two standards are gas and electric heaters. Consider which one costs more initially and over time because some energy efficient models can actually pay for themselves over time in reduced energy bills! There are other, less well-known, water heaters powered by the heat in your home, solar energy, and other energy sources. Make sure you have a firm understanding of the type of water heater you’re installing and the costs associated with it both now and over time.

Tankless or Conventional?

Another distinction to make before picking the right water heater is choosing between a tankless heater and a conventional heater. There are benefits and cons to both options. Tankless water heaters are taking over the market because of their increased convenience and energy saving capabilities. Since the hot water is on demand, and not stored in a large tank, you will never “run out” of hot water. This is especially appealing for large families who tend to have at least one or two family members who get cold showers at the end of the night. They do cost more up front though, but most people agree they pay for themselves over time in energy savings.

Call Home Service Doctors Today for Water Heater Service

As always, it’s important to know and trust the plumber who’s installing your new water heater. Reach out to your plumberologist at Home Service Doctors to ensure that you get the best quality installation there is. They can walk you through the different water heater options and help you find the one that’s the best fit for your family!

Don’t Get Left With a Cold Shower! Call Home Service Doctors for Water Heater Service Today!

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