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DIY Sewer Drain Cleaning Tips

Drain cleaning is easy for business managers to perform on their own in order to remove a buildup of debris. So it is important for commercial property owners to take care of a building’s sewer lines and drains because the items are used more than the ones in residential properties.

Drain Cleaning Methods

First, it is important to install grease traps at a property that has a commercial kitchen. Grease traps are located outside or inside a building to capture the greasy substances that are in dishwater. The tanks that hold the brown and greasy debris from cooking and washing dishes require proper disposal on a frequent basis, and a business manager can perform this task.

Plungers and Augers

The second do-it-yourself task to keep sewer lines clean involves removing debris from the lines underneath sinks or toilets. In some cases, a rubber-tipped plunger is enough for a commercial property owner to dislodge a buildup of bathroom tissue, hair, or food particles. When a plunger does not remove a clog, then it is time to use a plumber’s auger that has a sharp metal tip to push a hole through a dense or frozen clog.

Using Enzymatic Cleansers

If these methods of helping water to flow through a drain and sewer line are not effective, then a property owner can use enzymatic cleansers instead. Enzymatic cleaners are safer than using over-the-counter drain cleaners that contain high levels of acids that can splash upwards onto someone’s face or eyes to cause dangerous chemical burns. A commercial property owner can pour an enzymatic cleanser into any drain before waiting for the bacteria and enzymes to dissolve debris. After the debris of a clog softens, they can use a plunger or snake to push away the clog before running a lot of water through the pipes.

Rent Specialized Equipment

When there is a blockage in a sewer line outside a building, a property owner can rent equipment for drain cleaning. Some of the equipment available includes hydro-jetting or rooter devices. To use the equipment, a property owner needs to find a manhole cover on the lawn to insert a rooter brush or a device that blasts highly pressurized water. Anyone wanting to make drain or sewer line repairs using these methods must have enough physical strength to lift and move equipment, and in many cases, it is better to call a professional plumber for the job.

Drain cleaning can become a mess – learn how to do it yourself today

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