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Ask Your Plumber: How to Save Water This Winter?

Your local plumber understands that it is essential to save water in the
winter months. While we may not always be 6 feet deep in snow (although
we have before) the temperatures still dip below, and stay below, freezing
during the coldest months. Wasted water is a major concern in the winter
months, mostly due to the freezing and subsequent bursting of water pipes.
Conserving water is important year-round, but especially so in the winter.
It’s also especially easy in the winter if you follow these easy
tips and tricks.

Helpful Tips for Saving Water This Winter

Winterize Your Pipes

Before winter hits, always take the necessary precaution of having your
pipes professionally winterized. Call your local
plumberologist and have your water pipes inspected and
winterized properly. This will help to prevent major water loss in the event that
one of your
pipes bursts or leaks when the weather warms up.

Drip Your Faucets

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but trust us on this one. When
the weather is well below freezing, allow your faucets to drip slowly.
The movement of water will help prevent freezing and provide added protection
from bursting or leaking pipes later on. Having a water pipe burst can
be inconvenient and costly, especially if the leak goes unnoticed.

Catch and Reuse Water

You can take your dripping faucet water conservation efforts one step farther
by catching and reusing the dripping water in a bowl or bucket. Also,
when the shower water takes a little longer to heat up before a shower,
instead of letting that cold water go down the drain you can catch it
with a bucket as well. You can use these water buckets to flush the toilet
or water plants. You can also have your hot water pipes insulated so the
shower doesn’t take quite as long to heat up.

Know Where the Main Water Shut Off Valve Is

Even if you take all the necessary precautions to prevent freezing pipes,
there’s always the possibility they could freeze anyway. When frozen
pipes thaw in the warmer weather, the pipes are likely to burst and break
causing flooding and leaks. Sometimes these leaks go undetected, but other
times they are obvious. Know where your main water shut off valve is,
and how to use it, so that if there is a burst you can stop the flow of
water promptly, while you wait for your trusted Home Service Doctors plumber
to arrive.

Your Local Plumber Won’t Leave You Out in the Cold This Winter! Call
Home Service Doctors for All Your Plumbing Needs!

If you have an emergency pipe bursting, or need to have your pipes winterized
before the freezing weather hits, call Home Service Doctors immediately
and have a trusted plumber at your door the same day!

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